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SeatGiant Returns to its Roots

SeatGiant Returns to its Roots began when a couple of good Canadian lads (brothers, in fact) looked at their company – a touring outfit that brought busloads of fans to sporting events and changed the fabric of their existence forever – and said, “there’s something more than busses and ticket stubs here…”

They realized that the process of having a consumer front the cash for a trip with their friends to Chicago, to New York, to Pittsburgh, to Detroit, having them attend the event, and having them return home with their heads spinning from the experience began with the very god damned simple desire: to see the event.

The root of the equation was in that desire. And the catalyst of the entire operation was in the ticket.

And so, was thrust into existence.

Of course, these two enterprising brothers hadn’t reinvented the wheel with this idea. Operations like StubHub, LiveNation, Seat Geek, et al. have kept this market grounded for a number of years. But there is one fundamental difference; one thing the boys at SeatGiant did that no other player in the market has done. They listened.

They listened to their consumers – a remarkable chunk of which are Canadians – who had been echoing the same question for years: Why am I paying USD to go see ____, where ____ is the Blue Jays Game, the Doobie Brothers concert at the Molson Amphitheatre, the NBA All-Star Game at the Air Canada Centre. The question was Why am I paying USD to go see a Canadian event? 

The answer was simple. You’re paying USD to go see a Canadian event because nobody will sell you the ticket in Canadian dollars. And Bingo was his fuckin’ name-o.

Enter It’s the same store, the same Canadian lads, the same ticket. But it’s now, purely, fully, completely Canadian.

“Canadians needed this. They deserved this.”

That is literally the only thing my pal and SeatGiant, co-founder Josh Matlow, had to say when I asked him why they made the call in the face of a marketplace that wasn’t demanding change.

And, as a sports fan, a music fan, a fan of buying tickets to shit, and, above all, a Canadian, that’s all I needed to hear.

Mazel tov Canada…Break out your loonie rolls.

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