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Senators Trade Erik Karlsson To San Jose For A Bunch O Garbage And A Monkey Wrench


Senators Trade Erik Karlsson To San Jose For A Bunch O Garbage And A Monkey Wrench


Until today it was Between Montreal and Ottawa for the title of worst offseason ever, but after today, Ottawa is the runaway winner.

Montreal has Max Domi, Tatar, Suzuki, and some prospects to show for their efforts.  Ottawa?  They traded for Brady Tkachuk’s BFF, Josh Norris.

Outstanding point by Bruce here.  They traded the best defenceman in the universe to placate a draft pick who hasn’t made the roster yet.  That’s some sound stuff there Ottawa.  It’s like buying all the furniture for a house you haven’t built yet.  Pierre Dorion acts like a GM on TV, and I know he had a collection of pure shit in the dressing room, but if you aren’t capable of getting a king’s ransom for EK in his prime, you are a Muppet.

Balcers and Norris might be stars but how Ottawa couldn’t pry at least ONE proven young player to contribute to the rebuild now is just stupid. You don’t rebuild on ‘MIGHTS.’

Speaking of stupid.  Earlier this week the Senators released a video where current Sens player Mark Borowiecki interviewed owner Eugene Melnyk (above) about how great things were going to be in Ottawa this year in the most uncomfortable interview you’ll see, maybe ever.   Mark didn’t bother putting his teeth in, and Melnyk sounded like a grandpa who was trying to tell his grandkids mom and dad’s divorce is a good thing, and life is perfect.

To say he was ethered would be putting it mildly but this has to be the worst week of his life minus the week he was told his liver was shot.

Today he might be regretting putting out the APB for the new one.

Then again who cares.  It’s the Senators.





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