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Shane’s “Auston Matthews Girlfriend” Story Pissed A Few People Off. Here It Is Again With More Pictures.

Shane’s “Auston Matthews Girlfriend” Story Pissed A Few People Off. Here It Is Again With More Pictures.

Blah Blah outrage.  Blah Blah disgusting.   Blah Blah look at me PLEASE.

Some kid named Justin decided he was better than Shane’s opinion that Auston Matthews new GF was pretty and compared Sidney Crosby to a “sexless robot devoid of recognizable human traits” for some weird reason.

A) No one said anything about sexless robots, and if they did, I would know.  I love them.

B) Identifying that someone’s pretty and applauding the young man for being in a relationship is a great thing.  If Justin needed to up his Likes and RT’s by standing on the shoulders of someone else’s story OK.  We do it here all the time.

C) Relax Charlie.  Life’s not that difficult.    Watch this clip of a classic movie.  Usually, helps me break out of my funk.

That started a series of tweets from other schmucks that were so outraged by the sexist, perverted picture Jordyn posted on her Instagram.    I don’t know about you Justin but do you think these two very attractive people have any human traits?  Or is that what people with little self-esteem say?

How disgusting is that? I’m also offended by the short shorts movement btw.  Apparently, she picked him up so correction “some of her finest work.”  Either way yes it’s so 2016.

EEEWWW.  I can’t believe she posts these.  Where’s her self-respect?

Here’s more disgustingness.

Make it stop.  Please, Dean.  It’s none of your business.  I mean sure she posts these on her Instagram account to attract attention but why can’t we just live in an androgynous world!  LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME PLEASE!


This was my Favorite.    I asked this person what was creepy about it.  They just told me I’m a pervert and to fuck off repeatedly.

Well If that makes you barf get ready for a full on Myocardial Infarction or some real poltergeist shit because these next two pics are THE WORST.

Here’s the article again.   Just a blog post really.  Don’t read it.  It’s perverted.

Auston Matthews Has A Girlfriend. She’s Ok.

Auston Matthews Has A Girlfriend. She’s Ok.




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  2. TheRealHankSr

    July 22, 2017 at 9:15 am

    Who the hell gets bent out of shape over a hockey players girlfriend? Remember back in the day when people were angry about Janet Jones? Ridiculous.

  3. Evan

    July 11, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    You’re still awesome man. Keep them people frustrated for me. You do it so well.

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