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Skip Bayless Debates Himself

If you know the world of sports broadcasting, then you know the complete door knob that is Skip Bayless. Skip is the king douche of all douches; he is the largest most bothersome hemorrhoid on the ass of sports. If it weren’t’ for the worlds inability to look the other way, he would not be relevant. His living depends on his orange face to say stupid things that piss you off. Nothing he says has any truth to it, and this is just one more reason to believe he’s full of shit. Whoever made this edit is a saint and deserves the next Sports Emmy for exposing this dip shit for the idiot he truly is.

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Jamie Scott is a photographer, writer, comedy fan, and an avid sports enthusiast. When he isn't traveling the world you can be sure to find him talking sports and enjoying the company of his amigos. Jamie is always keen for a laugh and he's got the perspective to find something funny in everything.

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