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Smoke Job Toronto Teacher Facing Charges For Supply Teaching Student’s Genitals

Smoke Job Toronto Teacher Facing Charges For Supply Teaching Student’s Genitals

Source  –  A Toronto-area woman working as a high school supply teacher is facing multiple sexual assault charges over an alleged sexual relationship with a teenage student.

Marianna Riossi, 28, of Vaughan, faces three counts of sexual assault and three counts of sexual exploitation in connection with the alleged incident.

York Regional Police say the suspect was working as a supply teacher in the York Catholic District School Board when she allegedly became involved in a “sexual relationship” with a student, between October and December of last year.

Riossi had been working as an occasional supply teacher with the board since 2014, police say.

She is listed as a teacher in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers. The OCT say she has been certified to teach since 2012.

Riossi also has a rating of 4.96 out of five stars on the Rate My Teachers site, based on 15 reviews.

(Thats our little minx on the left)

4.96???   What does a teacher have to do to get a 5?  Seems to me although illegal and exploitive, that has to be worth at least a 5.46.

I have no idea who the young man/woman is but female teachers banging students seems to be an epidemic that was either unreported or sorrily missed when I was in High School.  Having said that, at the age of 16 I was one of the lucky ones that got to make history with a 21-year-old TA named Norma Jean.

She was nice, pretty and was very thorough in a way only a 16-year-old can appreciate.   Sure it devastated my family and yes it caused tremendous grief for those around me, but now in my 40’s, I can say that was the most magical 3 minutes of my life.

She was fired, and I was kicked out of school which seems harsh knowing what I know now, but one day, this will be a memory for the teen.  And this teacher will never work again, even if it’s not true. Everyone wins.

Let’s hope healing starts today, and Ms. Riossi gets that snaggle tooth fixed.   It might limit her next encounter.  Until then, enjoy some of the smartass comments made by her students on the Rate My Teacher site.



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