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Source: Ray Emery “Jumped In The Water…And Never Came Out”

Source: Ray Emery “Jumped In The Water…And Never Came Out”

Just spoke with people familiar with Ray Emery here’s what they know.

Apparently after playing in a charity hockey game Ray ‘Had a few beers and went back to the Hamilton Yacht Club.  Nothing out of the ordinary. The next morning he woke at 6 for an early morning swim.  He jumped in and no splash, he just went in and never came up.”

His thinking was that Ray may have been electrocuted and had a heart attack due to marina electrocution which is rare but happens. He might have had a heart attack, or he may have been partying, and it was an accident or he may have had other motives.

“I agree with you that his history will be taken into account, and the bottom line is Ray jumped in the water and didn’t come out and it’s incredibly sad here”

One person at the yacht club didn’t discount the electrocution story and said Ray was a very accomplished swimmer who was looking to get back into hockey.

‘Ray definitely had his demons, and we heard he was trying to turn things around.  “I knew Ray was a loose cannon, but he was always nice to me.”

Lots of people have come out to support Emery’s family and pay tribute on Twitter.  Rightfully so.

People Familiar with the Senators at the time Ray was in Ottawa said “The culture there was awful.  Some guys got out, and some guys didn’t.  Some guys cleaned up, and some guys didn’t, and Ray could be his own worst enemy.  We always thought Ray would figure it out and maybe he did before he passed.  He was working towards it.”

There are lots of people who will remember Ray for being charged with attacking his fiance’ and remember him for the wrong things.

Everyone’s experience or lack thereof will factor into what to make of Ray Emery’s death.  Out of respect to family and friends, we will wait for that report and hope more than anything, Ray is at peace and his family can heal.




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