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Sri Lankan Owner Of Chinese Food Restaurant Charged For Serving American Roadkill. Weird.

Sri Lankan Owner Of Chinese Food Restaurant Charged For Serving American Roadkill. Weird.

Their promo video highlighting the ‘Roadkill Buffet’ looks suspicious.

Source  –  The owner of a Chinese restaurant in Louisiana is facing possible jail time after a spotted fawn was found in a cooler inside the eatery, authorities said.

Somchanh Chanthapanya, 61, of Winnsboro, was cited for possession of a spotted fawn after a Franklin Parish sheriff’s deputy found the animal during a security check at the Golden Hen restaurant in Winnsboro.

(Took a screenshot of their FB page and the first comment is outrageously funny)

“The deputy discovered an open door and proceeded inside to clear the building when he found a dead spotted fawn in the cooler,” the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said in a news release Wednesday.

State wildlife agents were dispatched and found Chanthapanya — the owner of the restaurant — later at his home, where he was butchering the fawn.

Chanthapanya told the agents he found the animal dead on the side of Highway 17 and took the roadkill to his restaurant, where he stored it in his cooler.

Chanthapanya could not be reached for comment early Thursday, but his wife told the Times-Picayune that he found the dead animal along the highway and didn’t realize taking it was illegal.

My friend’s dad picks up roadkill all the time…especially if it’s fresh.  And yes, he eats it.  He’s old school Italian and came from a very poor town in Italy 60 years ago when meat was hard to find.  He owns a paving company though and doesn’t serve it to his customers.

You don’t hear of other restaurants serving roadkill, and the stories about some Chinese food restaurant are primarily based on myth, but this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced a story like this.

Growing up in Rosetown Saskatchewan there was one Chinese food restaurant in a town of 3000 people.  “The Golden Rose” was a quiet, quaint place we used to go on Sundays for dinner until one day in the 8th grade we didn’t.

After a couple of months, I asked if we could go back for dinner after church on a Sunday.  My dad squinted his eyes and said: “I don’t think so.”

When I asked why he just said: “Cus the chicken isn’t chicken, son.”  He refused to elaborate, and we had KFC.

Later that night I asked my mom what the chicken was and she told me “The Golden Rose” was fined for serving stray cats and roadkill in place of chicken.

“So the Lemon Chicken was Lemon Cat?”

“Or something else…good nite.”

What a great last thing to put in a 14-year-olds head before he goes to sleep.

Baby deer aren’t as bad, but it couldn’t have been the first time he butchered roadkill and no, I’m not making a racist statement with this post.  I’m only sharing a story about a Sri Lankan Chinese Food Restaurant owner who serves roadkill.

You can’t say all Chinese Restaurants serve roadkill like you can’t say all priests molest kids.  A few rotten apples spoil the bunch. Like this story, and this story.

Chicken and pork must be expensive in the southern states.





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