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Take A Beginners Guided Tour Through The ONTARIO CANNABIS STORE RIGHT HERE

Take A Beginners Guided Tour Through The ONTARIO CANNABIS STORE RIGHT HERE


You’re welcome.  I’ll tell you what products you should start with if you’re a newb or you wanna get high but don’t want to turn into a zombie.

  • If you’re new to using cannabis, try something with a lower THC count (the psychoactive ingredient in weed) and higher CBD count.  CBD (Cannabinoid) is the pain killing, anti-inflammatory, medicinal constituent in the pot.  The Higher the THC, the higher the buzz.  The lower, the less your head swims with fun.  Same with CBD and pain/medical effects.  Look for those amounts in the percentages on the packaging.
  • Sativa is uplifting, and Indica is chill.


I just took a spin on and if don’t want to verify your age because you’re seriously that lazy, here’s a sample of what you can buy LEGALLY in Ontario right now.

*NOTE:  I didn’t see any shatter so if you have a shatter vape, get shatter somewhere else.

Everything from accessories like storage packs that trap the weed smells to Gel caps filled with THC and CBD, OCS is basically a starter kit for those you want to start using Cannabis and a way for the experienced user to be introduced to some new delivery methods.

The Burn kit is cool.  It’s like having a grinder in your wallet instead of the big bulbous mill that looks like a hockey puck on roids.  The Hemp wick is a hemp wick, and I have no idea what it’s for if I can’t use it to get high.

If your new to rolling a joint and you can’t do it because it’s stoner origami, join the club and rejoice.  ‘Pre-Rolls’ or ‘PR’s’ as their more commonly known will solve the issue of a roll that looks/smokes like crap.  PR’s come in a cool cartridge or pack that you can pull out and smoke like a cigarette and put back if you don’t smoke the whole thing.  Highly recommended for those with a tremor or bad rollers and those who’ve never rolled a joint.

Sprays and oils are also available for purchase.  The Sprays and oils are traditionally sublingual (under the tongue).  If you can’t or don’t smoke these, and the gel caps are your best bet.

Of course, they have regular weed or ‘dried flowers’ which is stupid because no one is buying a ‘dried flower’ called ‘Super Skunk”.  They should just have called it WEED.  We’ve been through % of THC and CDB and this is where you’ll figure it out.   Some of their dope is all THC so start with SATURDAY AFTERNOON before you work your way into SERIOUS KUSH.  Again, you’re welcome.

If your a bong/one hitter/pipe person, their selection blows.  Go to a head shop and get something cheaper and cooler.  Including ‘The Volcano’.  Go to Kijiji.

Just because it’s legal, it doesn’t mean you have to try it and If you’re under 24, relax.  Your brain needs you to take it easy, or you’ll fry your motherboard.

If you are a functioning adult, who plans using this responsibly, good on you.  I hope you get to benefit from it as I have over the past year.  It’s helped me eradicate anxiety and pain, I haven’t drank in over a year, and I’ve lost a shit pile of weight.  I use it as needed and not chronically as directed by my Dr.   The health benefits have been life-changing, and I genuinely believe the legalization of Cannabis will help change the lives of millions of Canadians as it has mine.


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