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Terminally Ill BC Women Jumps To Her Death, Lives And Find’s Our She’s Not Terminally Ill. Tada!

Terminally Ill BC Women Jumps To Her Death, Lives And Find’s Our She’s Not Terminally Ill. Tada!

Source…Mya DeRyan went to the doctor to find out what was causing chronic headaches, abdominal pain and nausea.

She was diagnosed with a terminal illness and, skeptical of western medicine, DeRyan opted not to treat the disease. She wanted to die on her own terms.

DeRyan told her adult son, Darby Peterson, of her wishes and he was supportive. She had spent the summer and fall living with Peterson in Vancouver, which gave them a chance to say their goodbyes. The morning she boarded the ferry in West Vancouver, she left him a note that read: “My body hurts, my heart is full. It’s time. I love you.”But things were not going as planned.

The 52-year-old from Ladysmith is the woman who, on Oct. 30 at 5:45 p.m., removed her clothes and calmly jumped from the Queen of Cowichan ferry, halfway into its journey from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo’s Departure Bay

DeRyan didn’t realize someone had seen her jump, which immediately triggered the ferry’s person overboard alarm. DeRyan saw someone toss a bright orange life ring into the water to mark the spot she entered the water.

The next thing DeRyan knew, she was being plucked from the water.

“I had to make the conscious decision to let them rescue me,” she said.

DeRyan was loaded into an ambulance and rushed to Vancouver General Hospital’s intensive care unit, where doctors worked to stabilize her and prevent her vital organs from shutting down.

The most shocking news came when doctors told DeRyan her previous terminal diagnosis was wrong. She was in perfect health.

DeRyan was discharged from hospital after a week and is now back at her Ladysmith art gallery.

Just wait one shit hot minute.

A doctor told DeRyan she had a terminal illness, jumped to her death, got hypothermia and shes not dying?

What kind of fun farm did she go to for the diagnosis and why isn’t she trying to kill the person who told her she was going to die?

She spent 6 hours in the cold Pacific ocean praying for death, based on false information some quack gave her, and she’s psyched for life?

There’s a woman who’s easy to please.

Why am I not reading a story about Mya DeRyan taking a shit in her Dr’s car instead of this crap?  Jesus Christ lady, show some rage and get your head in the revenge game.







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