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The Retrograde Podcast – Jet Grind Radio


The Retrograde Podcast – Jet Grind Radio

It’s the Dreamcast Classic Jet Grind Radio this week on The Retrograde!
Also known as Jet Set Radio, is this vandalism simulator truly a work of art, or should it be scrubbed from the walls to leave space for a new counter-culture crown jewel?
We also question how Fallout 76 got made, the impossibility of a Superman game, and whether or not some games are just too darn big!

Los Angeles, California: where the punishment for being caught in the act of creating graffiti can earn you a fine of up to $50 000, and up to one year in jail.
Sydney, Australia: where the same crime carries a potential punishment of $24 000 and up to 2 years in prison.

This act of graffiti, coming from the Italian word Graffiato, or ‘scratching,’ is colloquially referred to as “Bombing” and has been an integral part of urban counter-culture for as long as curious ne’er-do-wells realized they could gain notoriety and anonymously make a point by ‘scratching’ designs onto public buildings.
As controversial as it is astounding, underground artists have laid roots all throughout the world.
But given the risks associated with actively creating art using a public building as your canvas, why would anyone even consider such a hobby? Could it be that the creative act of vandalism and all of the adventure that comes with it is simply too much fun to ignore?
If so, it would stand to reason that a videogame dedicated to this mischievous act could potentially provide the perfect mix of risk and reward.
Once such title, often considered to be the crown jewel of graffiti games rolls back into our lives this week.
But is this game truly an urban work of art, or should it be scrubbed clean in hopes to find a new representative of the bombing lifestyle?
Find out this week, when Andrew and Mikey Retrograde: Jet Grind Radio.


Welcome to The Retrograde! A podcast where we review our memories of the games you used to love, then re-grade them in the modern day! Can 8 bits hold up against today's triple A titles, or should we all just forget our past?!

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