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The Retrograde Podcast – Mario Party


The Retrograde Podcast – Mario Party

It’s Mario Party this week on The Retrograde!
Andrew and Mikey take a look back at one of Nintendo’s classic multiplayer games to determine whether or not it was ever worth playing!
We also dig into the most significant Russian attack on American culture: Star Wars Episode 8, the unreasonable success of Venom, and the potential crash of the videogame industry as a whole!

“S-Club: there ain’t no party like an S-Club Party” said the flash in the pan mega band “S-Club 7” in 1999.
To some, parties in 1999 apparently consisted of forming a group of seven unreasonably good looking friends, and filming a TV show in which you move to Miami in an attempt to live out your best life.
But while this form of partying was popular among the masses, there was a rogue group of underground nerds who had a much different opinion on what constituted a true party. It was a party which consisted of only four people, and instead of travelling to Miami, they would travel all across the mushroom kingdom (provided they could get there while sitting on their couch).
While it’s fairly clear that the S-Club style of partying has been largely dismissed as over the top and forgettable, can the same be said for this other method of rolling dice, collecting stars, and stealing gold coins from your closest companions?
Was this party truly so cool that even I wasn’t invited? Or did parents come home early and throw everyone out of this forgettable experience?
Find out this week, when Andrew and Mikey retrograde: Mario Party.


Welcome to The Retrograde! A podcast where we review our memories of the games you used to love, then re-grade them in the modern day! Can 8 bits hold up against today's triple A titles, or should we all just forget our past?!

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