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The Retrograde Podcast – Spyro


The Retrograde Podcast – Spyro

Just in time for the Reignited remake, it’s the original Spyro the Dragon!
Andrew and Mikey also debate the anatomy of Pokemon, catch up on Red Dead Redemption 2, and discuss the future of Overwatch.
Is this classic game still flying high? Or will it burn up in the atmosphere upon re-entry into our consciousness?

Arguably the most significant barrier to entry between mainstream consumers and the world of VR, aside from price, is the inability to put on a headset without feeling a lingering, or even explicit feeling of nausea.

But is this barrier one which will last forever, or will Virtual Reality games and experiences eventually become so commonplace that the average consumer will have no qualms about immersing themselves.

After all, in one of the preliminary showings of a now infamous movie calle d “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station” audience members reportedly tried to jump out of the way when a locomotive rushed headlong towards the camera. In hindsight, that seems completely silly, but that’s only because we as a community have become so used to what was once an entirely new perspective in a medium which was just beginning to explore its possibilities.

Similarly, videogames had initial issues with the first person shooter genre causing motion sickness for new players–a symptom which has largely disappeared in recent years.
However, there was yet another experiment with perspective and control in videogames which notoriously caused issues with the players: the introduction of flight.

In one such game, an actual NASA engineer had to be consulted in order to most adequately quell the onset of motion sickness during times when the main character would take flight.

The result?

A now canonical title which, in breaking that barrier, allowed for further experimentation and scope in the medium.

But was all of the praise heaped on this game simply akin to a movie audience’s relieved and bemused clapping after realizing they were safe from a train inside a movie theatre, or did this game truly deserve to take flight?
Find out this week, when Andrew and Mikey Retrograde: Spyro


Welcome to The Retrograde! A podcast where we review our memories of the games you used to love, then re-grade them in the modern day! Can 8 bits hold up against today's triple A titles, or should we all just forget our past?!

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