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Now THIS Is The Very Definition Of Coke Head.

Now THIS Is The Very Definition Of Coke Head.

Source: A woman died after her German doctor lover allegedly sprinkled cocaine on his penis before she gave him oral sex.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andreas Niederbichler, 42, was charged after the woman collapsed and died in February.

The Daily Mail reported that she was rushed from the doctor’s home in Halberstadt, southeast of Hanover, after consensual oral sex.

But she tragically passed away, with Niederbichler now being accused of giving her cocaine without her knowledge.

Niederbichler, who is reportedly the new chief physician at the Ameos Hospital in Halberstad, has been charged with bodily harm leading to death.

He is also being quizzed for giving three more women the substance during sex after allegedly meeting them online.

None of the women suffered serious negative effects.

Chief prosecutor Hal Roggenbuck said: “The victims who have been heard so far have all indicated that they have been ill at the meetings.”

“All of them showed reactions due to the use of narcotics.”

The booger sugar can now be renamed to the Foreskin Flour?

Always read the directions on the box before you proceed, turns out the box wasn’t the problem in this case.

Doctor Coke Dick seems to enjoy some powder on the pecker, as it would certainly help keep the women’s heart racing for more D, but maybe he might want to ask them first? There is the whole consent thing….

Say no to drugs, and Doctors with druggy dicks.

If you don’t, you may end up like that poor lady, or anyone from this video:

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