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“Thong Jeans” Are A Thing. Seriously.

“Thong Jeans” Are A Thing. Seriously.

Source –  Weird denim has been a real trend this year. From detachable styles to bum-baring designs, jeans have faced a whole lot of cutting in 2017.

But one Japanese brand is taking the bizarre denim look into 2018. Showcasing its SS18 collection at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo, Thibaut sent a model down the catwalk wearing thong jeans. Or at least that’s what we’re calling

“What are thong jeans?” we hear you ask. Well, they are apparently jeans that have been so distressed that not much is left except for a thong at the back.

Is anyone really surprised by thong jeans when your parents keep buying you jeans that were more and more ripped as the years went by?  Isn’t this sort of the next/last evolution of ripped jeans?

I think they defeat the basic purpose of jeans and at this point, they look like some kind of half-ass belt or an accessory instead of pants.   Not unlike the golf visor the “Thong Jeans” remove the majority of surface area of the garment and serves next to no purpose, therefore, they cannot be called ‘Jeans’ in any capacity.  That’s why they don’t call the “Visor” and “hat”  They hat portion is gone and is now basically a glorified brim.

I guess they can start to call them “seems” or “fucking ridiculous.”  Both work.

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