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Video: Tiger Woods Pleads “Not Guilty”. Thank God No Recordings Exist Of His Guilt.


Video: Tiger Woods Pleads “Not Guilty”. Thank God No Recordings Exist Of His Guilt.

Source – Tiger Woods entered a plea of not guilty Wednesday related to his May arrest for DUI in Florida, though he did plead guilty to a reckless driving charge. He will begin a diversion program in October as part of that guilty plea that could have the charge dropped from his record.

The Associated Press (via the New York Times) reported details of the hearing, which Woods did not attend, from Palm Beach County assistant state attorney Adrienne Ellis. The golf star’s attorney in the case, Douglas Duncan, didn’t immediately comment on the situation.

The 41-year-old California native was arrested during the early morning hours of May 29 following what he described as “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications,” per Kristina Sgueglia and Jill Martin of CNN.

Really?  Not Guilty?  I dont haven’t passed the bar in Florida but any Judge who sees or saw the video Of Tiger getting arrested unable to speak or remember any basic instructions looked like the definition of a DUI.

Pretty Ballsy of him to plead not guilty.

About a month week and a half ago during an interview, Tiger Woods announced that he felt better than he had in four years. I now know why. If I was that snapped on opioids and thought I was in a parking garage instead of on a highway I’d be feeling unreal too.

Give the guy credit though. He’s completely YAMMERED on Vicodin but he managed to stand on a gold X, complete two breathalyzer samples, and it’s 4:30am so he’s gotta be wiped out. Not to mention he takes the piss out of himself by mentioning his hair was brown and fading.

Sad stuff for Eldrick. We all love it when the untouchable become mortal, but I sorta feel for Tiger here. Not a great example, but, much like the Ray Rice video, it’s going to define him in one way or another. Let’s just hope he embraces it and uses it as an agent of change like Ray did. Or stay on the pill train, throw some wagers, and put this video on repeat. I’m cool with both.

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