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Tiger Woods Needs To Trade In His Lobster For Some Eagles

Tiger Woods Needs To Trade In His Lobster For Some Eagles

The well-documented life and times of Tiger Woods will make a kick-ass documentary on Netflix one day. But for now, I think I speak for most golf fans and golfers in general when I mention how much the picture of Tiger Woods diving for lobsters gives me mixed emotions.

On one end of the spectrum, this picture is amazing. He looks to be in great shape, he looks healthy, he looks conscious which is a start, and he’s having fun with his kids. Enjoy life Tiger; you deserved it.

Not exactly sure about the look on his face, perhaps he’s a bit scared of the lobster, but really, who cares. The point here is over the past few days; pictures have been surfacing of Tiger Woods again. The once uber private guy is being caught taking selfies at the gym or rubbing shoulders with Messi, or diving for lobster with his kids.

This may sound a bit selfish but one problem, where are the golf clubs?

Let me give you an idea of where I am coming from.

Tiger Woods is my hero. My first set of clubs I ever bought was Nike. He would change drivers, and I would change drivers. Besides my grandfather, he is one of the biggest reasons why I golf. I remember the first time I broke par, I was wearing a Red shirt on a Sunday, and I felt like the littlest bit like him.

Robert Beck, ESPN

I also remember attending a WGC event in Arizona, and Tiger Woods was back for the first time since his knee surgery. My buddies and I wheezed are way into the crowd on the first tee bleachers and waited for almost 2 hours for his tee-time. There was no chance we were going to miss the first shot of his comeback. To give you an idea of how ‘in-aww’ I was, I am the guy in the white hat and sunglasses, far right of the picture, sitting in the 2nd row.

You can tell it’s me because I am one of about three people in the entire picture who’s head didn’t move when he made contact with the ball. I wanted to see how he finished a swing, I wanted to see his entire swing path, and I just wanted to see Tiger. I didn’t care where the ball went; it was the first time I had ever seen him hit a golf ball live.

This day was fantastic for some reasons, including meeting Martin Kaymer or chatting with Hunter Mahan and his caddy on the putting green. Hunter took on Mike Weir that day and beat him and mentioned how it felt like all of Canada was cheering Mike on…in Arizona. Hunter also suggested he wouldn’t be at the Canadian Open that year because his caddy was not allowed in the country due to a bar fight at the President’s Cup in Montreal the year previous. Another highlight was watching Vijay Singh hack Camel Lights on the driving range while other golfers were moving down the line to get away from the second-hand smoke. Fiji’s finest is a boss.

Let’s make our way back to Tiger Woods, shall we?

He’s had a consistent message over his past few years of struggles that he wants to return to competitive golf. He also has been terrible at times as we all have seen, and he will not stand for battling to make the cut every week, he wants to win and will only accept being an elite golfer.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t appear this will ever take place. He is caught up in getting his life sorted, being the best father possible, and there is not a thing wrong with that.

So the message here is this. Don’t hold your breath. Tiger Woods will never return to his record breaking form, and it sucks to admit, but that’s ok. And if he does, well, I will eat my laptop and cry tears of joy.

He has been through so much physically that his body can’t handle his vicious swing and he can’t seem to figure out what swing plane to use. There is a reason guys on the Senior PGA have been playing for so long, they swing easy, Tiger never could hold himself to that, and his body won’t be able to handle the sport if he doesn’t play that way.

Just to see him out in the public eye for all the right reasons and enjoying life after everything he has been through, is a great sign and we hope it continues.

I just wish he would post pictures and videos of him on the range working on his new butter cut, or power draw.

Instead, I am left cheering for his next catch of lobster.

We want eagles, Tiger. Lots of eagles.

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