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Toronto Woman Says She Was Addicted Weed So We’ll Have Her’s.

Toronto Woman Says She Was Addicted Weed So We’ll Have Her’s.

Source  –  Even as Sandra Williams’ dependence on marijuana worsened, people would tell the pastry chef that cannabis addiction was not real.

They would tell her “it’s not a problem,” that the substance is natural so there was nothing to worry about.


“But it had found me in a very dark place,” Williams told CTV’s Your Morning on Monday. “My experience was that marijuana was able to take me to a bottom that I didn’t think was possible.”

At the worst periods of her dependence, Williams hid in the basement of her home, ignoring the world around her and “losing herself.” Her position as head pastry chef at an Oakville, Ont., bakery came to an end. She eventually left home and wound up in a homeless shelter. That’s where she came across a 12-step program that helped her come out of that dark period in her life.

Williams now says she hasn’t used marijuana for 13 years. She has since resurrected her career as a pastry chef and become an addiction awareness advocate. She believes that the impending legalization sends a signal that “this is OK and it’s safe.” But that has not been her experience or the experience of some others who use the drug.

The Government of Canada says pot can be addictive, citing 2014 research in the New England Journal of Medicine that found as many as 9 percent of people who use cannabis in their lifetime will become addicted to the substance.

“I had lost everything that I was before,” she said. “Coming full circle through a 12-step program has allowed me to find my passion for life again.”

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Soooo I’m guessing the people that get addicted to weed are the same people that would get addicted to bacon or figurines or sniffing their farts.  Not that there’s anything there’s wrong with those things, but you get it.  Maybe her weed was different than everyone else’s pot, or perhaps she had other shit going on besides the grass, but it’s chemically impossible to get physically addicted to weed, so I call very respectful bull shit on the shaming that’s happening here.

Dependency comes from some need to get fucked up because we’re sad or fucked up somehow.  Cannabis doesn’t have addictive properties, booze does, so the majority of peoples weed addiction is situational or pattern born.

I wish Sandra nothing but whatever makes her happy, but what she’s describing is being an old-school stoner who greened out and lost her job then woke up and found a better way to live.  Sandra’s a good news story more than a cautionary tale.

It physically doesn’t have addictive qualities and is commonly used to treat people with chemical/alcohol addiction.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dan

    September 24, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    Lol I started smoking a bit of weed at 20 years old,born in 1957 and I’m 61 now and might smoke 1 joint a day’ now back in the 90s mabee 4 joints a day,don’t get me wrong I have lots but no want’ to smoke any? It is definitely not addictive to me anyway

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