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Trump Cheats On Tom Brady With Peyton Manning (Pics)

Trump Cheats On Tom Brady With Peyton Manning (Pics)

Source – President Donald Trump has a new golf buddy … Peyton Manning.

The two hit the links together at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia on Sunday — along with Republican Sen. Bob Corker from Tennessee (same state where Peyton played his college ball).

The group reportedly spent roughly 4 and a half hours playing — no word on who emerged victoriously.


Another snapshot into the mind of a 70-year-old baby President. Tom doesn’t come to the WH for SuperBowl celly?? Golf with his closest rival.

I took a girl out on a date once to a place I knew my ex was at. I wanted her to see me with someone with bigger guns, a hotter body, and blonde hair.

It worked.

She called me that night and asked if that was done purposely. I said no and I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings (yes I did). She said she still had feelings for me and it led to about 3 months of never having to lift a finger.

Brady should go golfing with Putin and up the ante.

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