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Trump Hates Black People From “Shithole Countries.” Also He Hates Black People.

Trump Hates Black People From “Shithole Countries.” Also He Hates Black People.

WaPo  –  President Trump grew frustrated with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office when they discussed protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal, according to several people briefed on the meeting.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to these people, referring to countries mentioned by the lawmakers.

Trump then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries such as Norway, whose prime minister he met with Wednesday. The president, according to a White House official, also suggested he would be open to more immigrants from Asian countries because he felt that they help the United States economically.

In addition, the president singled out Haiti, telling lawmakers that immigrants from that country must be left out of any deal, these people said.

“Why do we need more Haitians?” Trump said, according to people familiar with the meeting. “Take them out.”

 In November, the Trump administration rescinded deportation protection granted to nearly 60,000 Haitians after the 2010 earthquake and told them to return home by July 2019.


My dad used to tell me when you have a problem with someone it’s 50/50.  If you have a problem with everyone it’s all you.  And If you have a problem with black people you are a racist cock.   I was 7 and it was the first time I heard the word “cock” and it’s still my second favorite noun ‘C’ word.

Donnie predictably pulled the “Who me?  I never said that!” which after 2100 documented lies he has told in the last year is monumentally hard to believe.  Much like Nixon, I imagine Trump-a-dump thinks when the President says it it’s not a lie.

I seriously love this guy.  Much like people on “My 600 Pound Life” Trump can’t get out of his own way.   And I for one love it.

I love it for the same reason I love watching videos of people popping 40-year-old zits or two old people doing it.   It’s hard to explain, but train wrecks make me laugh.   Forget the outrage at this point.  Think of Trump as the Clevland browns of Presidents and celebrate the futility with a fucked up parade or drinking game with your friends.

Donald Trump Is a Liar.  Donald Trump Sexually Abuses Women.  Donald Trump Hates Black People.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the parade.   Its easier that way.






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