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UFC 214 is going to be EPIC

UFC 214 is going to be EPIC

With all that is the Mayweather vs. McGregor hype, it’s easy to forget about some of the other great fights that are happening this summer. Including the ones that are taking place in less than 24 hours. UFC 214 is the biggest card of the summer, for pure MMA that is. Without pointing out the obvious, the biggest fight card of the summer will be Mayweather vs. McGregor.

UFC 214 is a fight fans dream. It literally has everything, the top fighters in the world, three titles are on the line, and the biggest rivalry in UFC history. Jon “Bones” Jones vs. Daniel “DC” Cormier 2 is going to be pure fire. If you don’t follow either of these two on social media, you’re missing out. There is legitimate bad blood between these two.

I mean the last time these two fought, which Jones won by the way, Jon in victory gave the DX “Suck It’ sign to DC post-fight. That’s right, Jones went way back to 1997, and paid homage to Triple-H, Shawn Michaels, and the boys. Granted it was a bit awkward, but it just goes to show you that the hostility is real.

So how do I see these fights going?

Cormier vs. Jones 2
Light Heavyweight Championship

Jon Jones is on a clear path to regain his Light Heavyweight Title, and is looking straight dieseled right now. I mean he popped for “banned supplements” at UFC 200, and is doing himself NO favours. I’m not sure how anyone else isn’t talking about this but he looks juiced to the gills, and is calling out the poster boy of steroids himself, Brock Lesnar.

Cormier looks like he’s in shape, but looks like he could pass out at any moment. He talks a big game until Jones enters the room, and then becomes real quiet. Based on that alone it’s tough to go with DC. When you add in the fact that Jones looks like the type of guy that would make you his prison bitch right now, it frightens me into picking Jones.

Woodley vs. Maia
Welterweight Championship

Tyron Woodley takes on Demian Maia in what will be the most technical fight of the night. If you’re not a real fan of MMA then this will not be the fight for you. Maia is the only fighter on the roster, who is purely a ground fighter only. For god sakes, he literally won his last fight by latching onto his opponents back, and NEVER letting go.

Tyron is a wrestler with heavy hands, but has had the two most boring fights in the history of the UFC in his previous two bouts. So he’s likely going to use his wrestling to prevent Maia from strangling him, and look to land those heavy hands. I think this fight goes the distance with Woodley getting his hand raised by split decision.

Cyborg vs. Evinger
Women’s Featherweight Championship

Cris Cyborg, who is every bit as badass as her name entails is fighting Tonya Evinger for the Women’s Featherweight Title. Could these two women look any less alike? One looks like she’s chiseled out of pure gorilla juice, and the other looks like the poster girl for dad-bod, or mom-bod if that’s a thing. Anyways, this is an easy call. Cyborg wins by bully beat down, and Evinger will need a good plastic surgeon after this is all said and done.

Lawler vs. Cerrone

This is going to be your fight of the night. Robbie Lawler is the former Welterweight Champion of the world, with maybe two of the most impressive, and toughest back-to-back fights in the history of combat sports. Do y’all remember his fights with Rory MacDonald, and Carlos Condit? When he split his lip right in half against MacDonald, and then fought to literal exhaustion against Condit, absolutely badass.

Now he’s facing “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone, who is the wildest fighter on the roster. He literally fights more often than anyone in the UFC, an upwards of five times per year. Not to mention isn’t afraid to brawl with the best of them, fighting at the highest level for the past eight years. Whether you’re a fair weather fan or not, this will be the fight for you. These two are going to stand and bang, and it’s going to be fucking glorious. I’ll be rooting for Cowboy, but if I had to put money on it I’d go Lawler.

The undercard is stacked as well, so if you’re considering ordering the fights, do yourself a favour, and do so. You will not be disappointed. UFC 214 is going to be a banger, and you are not going want to miss out.


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