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US Open Blimp Bumps Fire Mixtape, Crashes and Burns


US Open Blimp Bumps Fire Mixtape, Crashes and Burns

A blimp floating over the U.S. Open golf tournament in Erin, Wisconsin caught fire and crashed moments ago … and spectators captured the incident on video.

TMZ Sports has confirmed the pilot made it out of the blimp but suffered injuries. We’re told the pilot suffered burns on his face and has pain in his neck and lower back.

The spotlight at Erin Hills was taken away from the corn field that is the rough, to the blimp that couldn’t stay afloat. The players couldn’t find their golf balls, and the pilot couldn’t find the steering controls.

I’m guessing the pilot had no idea what would happen if he allowed DeShawn to bump his fire mixtape. Well these are the repercussions, buddy. I bet your wife is going to love the choices you made today.

There are mixed reports that the pilot was the only person on the blimp, while other reports state that people parachuted down near the golf grounds.

This blimp crashed and burned faster than Montreal’s Stanley Cup hopes. It’s also a perfect representation of my life, so I can relate to this guy.

I honestly hope this guy doesn’t have any children. They will think he’s Two-Face from Batman and instantly neglect him from the family.

Somebody please buy this man a beer.


Connor is a 22 year old Sport Management student from Brock University. He previously graduated from McMaster with an Honours Commerce degree, and hopes to one day be running the show in a front office somewhere.

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