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This is your chance to be a real journalist, purveyor of viral videos and stuff. Or just to show of your Babe!

Want to be a news or sports journalist?  Have a video of your friend bagging himself with nunchucks? Is your girlfriend Hot?  Want to share a good news story or contribute to  Well, I want you to, and I want to give you the credit for it too.  Follow these instructions…


Using this form you can submit a Post for consideration on

Tags: You can enter as many Tags as you see fit, in a comma separated list to describe the content of your Post (think of keywords people will search for).

Category: Choose one main Category for your post.

Babe of the Day

Is your girlfriend hot? Do you have a friend with benefits…. a hot Mom? We are always looking for newbies to add to our Babes section, or feature as a Birthday Babe of the Day!  Use the form below and give us the details, pics or Instagram account and we will take it from there, don’t forget to select their Birthday in the Date picker!  Then watch the site to see if we think they’re worthy!

Images (Max 6)

You must upload at least one image. The first image you upload will be the Feature Image for the post, it must be at least 1000px wide and in Landscape format.

For all other images please add in a (description in the content where you want the images to appear). Place this (bracketed) comment in the content of your post.

If there is no reference in the content where you want your images to appear they will be added in a Gallery Slider at the end of the post.

Better yet… Instagram! If your Babe of the Day has an Instagram account then include their profile as well and we will pic some photos to share.

Your Feature Image must be of a suitable quality (at least 1000px width) and preferably Landscape format.
Please complete the required fields.
Please select your image(s) to upload. Remember your Feature Image be of a suitable quality (at least 1000px width) and preferably Landscape format.


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