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Video: Auston Matthews Pictures From GQ Are Out And Yes, He’s ALSO Very Good Looking.

Video: Auston Matthews Pictures From GQ Are Out And Yes, He’s ALSO Very Good Looking.

This is Dean.  I just want to say I, in no way approve of this headline or story which is why I the title AFTER the story was posted by one of our bloggers. He’s a great guy so I’m not shitting on him for it but A) Matthews is way too good looking on top of being stupid good at hockey, and B) those coats are ridiculous.  No one dresses like that.  It’s not Calgary 88 and if he’s going to fire an advisor, fire the one who told you that coat is the new thing because it’s shit.

Otherwise, ladies fill your boots.  That’s one good looking son of a bitch and if we post Ariel Winter shots we demand equality with posts like the masturbatorily good looking and ultra dreamy, Auston Matthews.  You’re welcome

Do you have any weird superstitions?
For probably, like, five years now, I’ve always taped my stick the same way: from the toe to the blade to the heel. I always put my left shin-pad and my left skate on first until I get to my upper body. I do a lot of different stuff to get my mind right and get in the zone. I always say a prayer before I get off the ice from warmups. And then, even during warmups, I’ll have stuff I like to do with the puck or different skating stuff. I feel like it’s all a mental checklist in your mind to get yourself ready for the games.

This kid could wear a garbage bag with some armholes and it would probably still look like Gucci, here’s some of the best meme’s we have come across regarding “Papi’s” wardrobe:


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