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Video: Brad Marchand Is Still Completely Insane

Video: Brad Marchand Is Still Completely Insane

I love me some Brad Marchand because he does weird shit that no one else does and that’s my bag.

Giving him a 10-minute unsportsmanlike penalty for it is a subjective bush league call but Marchand wasn’t wrong.  Sissons pussed out with his overreaction and Marchand has moved on from licking to acting.

Marchand can’t help himself though and he gave in to his overly emotional self and it hurt his team in the end.  That’s what we calling the business, “A Slow Learner”.




  1. Dean Blundell

    Dean Blundell

    November 7, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    Pretty sure your definition of pussed out is different than mine. I think sports media is toxic because people like you make comments about gender to drive a narrative that’s not there. But whatever. If it makes you feel good, i guess.

  2. Lol I love when the term “pussed” out is used in an article. Reminds me why I still feel like sports media is toxic for anyone without a dick.
    With that being said Marchand is the kind of villain to root for.

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