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Video: Brian Burke Just Lied His Face Off On TV

Video: Brian Burke Just Lied His Face Off On TV

That’s a lie.  He cares.  He cares more than we care that he cares cuz Burke basis his life on being relevant in the game.  I do however like the fact he pretends not to give a shit.  I have no idea if Brian Burke is wasted, and I’m not saying is or was the other night when he said Nylander sucks & the Leafs were stupid for giving him $41 million but lots of people on Twitter thought he was.

Maybe he’s just a great showman now and he’s prepping for his next career as a poor man’s Don Cherry.  I know lot’s of people Burkie knows and I can guarantee you he gives a shit about what people think.  Unless he’s at a celebrity dinner or a flight to Latvia.  Then all bets are off.


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