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Video: Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub”does not profit from bleaching her own anus.” Phew


Video: Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub”does not profit from bleaching her own anus.” Phew

Source  –  When Hallandale Florida Beach Mayor Keith London said “sphincter bleaching is a very up and coming business,” during the City Commission’s budget discussion Monday night, he may have been right. But whether he thought anal bleach had anything to do with public safety budgets — the topic being discussed — remains unclear.

Why London thought it relevant, much less appropriate, to accuse a female commissioner of making her living from bleaching her own anus is even more baffling.

“Was it getting my sphincter bleached, is that what I earned my income for?” London said to Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub, as the two exchanged personal attacks. “No that would be you.”

Lima-Taub told the Miami Herald that she does not profit from bleaching her own anus. And whether or not she uses skin bleaching products — commonly applied by people with medical conditions causing hyper-pigmentation — would certainly not be anyone’s business but her own, she said. (For the record, her mom owns a spa that sells skin bleaching cream, but Lima-Taub said she doesn’t work there.)

Beaching your anus is like shoveling the sidewalk when it’s still snowing.  Understandable, yet pointless unless you keep doing it.

I always say never trust a man with a ponytail or a mustache too, so I’m already skeptical of Mayor Hippie Pants.

Strong move, accusing the chick of bleaching her hoop all the way to a city council job but I like guys that get extreme and don’t waste time getting to the most shitty thing you can say to catch em off guard.

Like last month when Elon Musk Called the Thai cave diving hero a pedophile for saying Musk’s submarine was too rigid to work in the narrow passages of the caves.

Musk: “Here’s a sub we made for PR Reasons.  Use it.”

Cave Diver: “It’s too long and hard.”

Musk: “You Fuck Kids.”

To us, it seems like the act of an unstable person in need of some meds or who drinks too much.  A Psychopathy of sorts in either capacity is a Bad thing when you’re attacking a cornered man with a ponytail.

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