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Video – Donovan Mitchell Wears VC Throwback And Takes Home The 2018 Dunk Title

Video – Donovan Mitchell Wears VC Throwback And Takes Home The 2018 Dunk Title

Source: Donovan Mitchell won the 2018 Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night, with two of his four dunks earning a perfect score from the judges.

Mitchell started the night off with a bang — bringing out another hoop to throw an impressive alley-oop to himself.

For his second dunk of the night, Mitchell kept with the time-honoured tradition of dunking over other people — in this case, his sister and Kevin Hart. The dunk was Mitchell’s first 50 of the night and would propel him into the final for two more dunks against Larry Nance Jr. to determine the title.

In the final, Nance Jr. impressed, with what was immediately dubbed a “double-tap dunk” that was likely the highest degree of difficulty dunk pulled off by any competitor in the contest.

But it wasn’t enough to beat Mitchell.

On his final dunk of the night, Mitchell changed into a Vince Carter jersey and paid homage to the Dunk Contest legend.

While somewhat inconsistent judging from a panel that included the likes of Mark Wahlberg and DJ Khaled left some desiring a different result, there’s no doubt Mitchell is one of the top dunkers in the league, and he showed every bit of his verticality and creativity on Saturday night.

All-Star Weekend concludes on Sunday with Team LeBron taking on Team Curry.

Peep yesterday’s story where I mentioned DMitch was going to win and asked if anyone would take VC’s throne. Had no idea that Mitchell was going to be wearing a Vince throwback jersey, but now it makes me look like a genius, so cheers to that DMitch.

Here are all the dunks in case you were watching Curling instead:

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