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Video: This Dude Tweeks Out When His Cat Tries To Kill A Mouse.

I dont speak Mandarin or Spanish or whatever the guy is speaking, but I do speak “panic, ” and this kid shit his fucking pants.

I dont OMG often but OMG that was one of the great bailouts of all time.  The dude had a squeegee, a cat, he’s 1000 times bigger, and he ran out screaming like he was on fire.   Incredible.

That’s like showing up at a girls house, and you pick up her guitar, and she asks if you play.  You want to get laid, so you say yes.  She grabs her coffee and tells you to play her something.  Well fuck.  You just blew your man wad in a moment that didn’t call for it, and now you’ve been figured out.

Great move McLovin.  Dont press record and do a dry run next time to see if you have a mouse phobia.


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