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Video: Here Cums The Spider Man. All Over The Subway

Video: Here Cums The Spider Man. All Over The Subway

Source  –  The New York Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating an unidentified male who is suspected of a two-incident pattern of public lewdness.

A man was caught on surveillance footage in the first of two reported incidents appearing to be masturbating over his pants in front of another person while riding the subway.

The two incidents allegedly occurred on April 26 and May 17 aboard the northbound R line in Manhattan.


Public transportation is the absolute worst. if it’s not someone who hasn’t bathed in 4 days trying to get to their minimum wage job it’s an old guy in a Spider-Man backpack jerking off staring at someone’s legs.

I’ve never understood the need to do this in public. Like it can’t wait at all until you get home. I’ve also never understood the need for people to do this based on looking at other people fully clothed. Maybe he had a thing for ladies and gabardines or maybe he’s a huge sucker for sweet Footwear.

But if you have an intense need to masturbate over the age of 55 you’re sort of the hero in the burgeoning pre-senior community. If this guy went back to the home he lived in and told all of his buddies he pulled one off on the subway I’m sure they’d ask for whatever it was he took that day so they could do the same.

It’s never dawned on me to whip out my schwantz and give it a yank while riding public transit. Maybe I have lower than average libido but s*** can wait till I’m in my bathroom with my phone.


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