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Video: Jim Comey Ethered Donald Trump Last Night In His Fist TV Interview

Video: Jim Comey Ethered Donald Trump Last Night In His Fist TV Interview

Last night Former FBI director James Comey gave his first full-length interview to George Stephanopoulos from ABC News.

While we didn’t learn a shit pile more than we already knew, Comey came across as human, truthful and overly committed to doing the right thing.  The basic polar opposite to President Trump.

With the piss tape already covered, Comey addressed whether or Not Trump obstructed justice…that would be a hard yes.

…why he compared Trumpski to a mob boss.  A pretty stern rebuke from someone that destroyed the Gotti family and the Cosa Nostra….

The most significant bomb Comey saved till the end.  Saying, Trump, was “morally unfit” to be President was tremendous which he tempered with putting it back on Americans to undo his Presidency at the voting booth instead of impeachment.

Comey is one of Mueller’s best friends so don’t think for a second that isn’t factored into Mueller’s assessment as to who’s telling the truth.

You only need to peruse Trumps Twitter feed to see him flailing, humping insults and telling everyone to look over there instead of at the truth.

  1. What a bag of farts.  Wondering if it’s possible to arrest a sitting President.  I know it’s never happened but would love to see it.
  2. If Trump and his team are mad Comey shared a private conversation he had with the President, how did these conversations never happen?  I should be an effing FBI agent.
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