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Video: Jon Stewart On The Today Show On Louis CK Is Riveting.

Video: Jon Stewart On The Today Show On Louis CK Is Riveting.

If there’s a more grounded comedian/celebrity than Jon Stewart, I’d like to meet him.

So focused on victims of sexual assault we forget about the friends that have been blindsided by dirtbags like Louis CK.

I watched the interview this morning and the pain in Stewart’s face struck me.  I imagine it’s a familiar look for unknowing accomplices to sexual assault and the pain its caused for the friends of everyone that’s been fooled into believing the CK’s, Weinstein, and the Spacey’s of the world.

The deflation and foolishness people like Stewart have experienced can be life-changing.

I played hockey with a guy named “Hot Carl” that was arrested for exposing himself to young girls and we all sat around talking about the “what ifs.”

What if we knew?  Could we have stopped him?

What if he hurt someone we loved?  Would they be mad we played hockey with him?

We shoulda known when he introduced himself as “Hot Carl.”


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