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Video – Leafs Showed Saturday Night They Need William Nylander #LeafsForever

Video – Leafs Showed Saturday Night They Need William Nylander #LeafsForever

William Nylander is still in Switzerland, and the Maple Leafs management team is hoping he’s becoming sick of his surroundings.

Saturday night versus the St Louis Blues, the Toronto Maple Leafs showed more than ever that they don’t just want Willy back in the lineup, they need him back, and soon.

The secondary scoring for the Buds including the 2nd PP Unit, is where Willie’s absence is shining.

Shining like a diamond under a spotlight.

The likes of Josh Leivo and Andreas Johnsson have had their fill of power play time and it’s quite obvious they don’t have the top end skill to be able to produce on a regular basis with more minutes. Great compliment pieces, but not core pieces.

William Nylander is a core piece.

Does anyone know where Connor Brown is?

2 points in 9 games aren’t enough for a top-9 forward who gets power play minutes.

It may have something to do with his Centre, Nazem Kadri, only having 4 assists, however, it’s a collective effort for that group and they need to be held accountable for the Maple Leafs lack of production lately.

When Willy returns, and yes, he’s coming back, Bill Ny will eventually find himself riding shotgun to Auston Matthews again, and most likely with Kasperi Kapanen on the other wing, which is news to the ears of Nazem Kadri, so he can be reunited with Patty Marleau on the 3rd line.

This would balance the top 9 and also provide the 2nd power play unit with Nylander who can take faceoffs and run their 45 seconds through his shot on the half wall.

The Maple Leafs secondary scoring is non-existent right now, and in order for them to be a top seed in the East, they are going to need a balanced attack.

Kyle Dubas could have his very own Sunday Funday.

The announcement of Willie signing is perfect for a Sunday night.

None of the players are around. Fewer media. The team plays Wednesday and Saturday this week, which gives Willie a ton of practice time so he can get back in the saddle on a Saturday night. It would limit the chaos and protect the players, a recipe that appeals to Kyle Dubas.

Saturday night versus the Blues, the Maple Leafs showed they are missing one of their best ingredients, the Swedish Berry:


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