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Video: Marcus Cooper Came To Early In Steelers/Bears Game.

Video: Marcus Cooper Came To Early In Steelers/Bears Game.

Marcus Cooper probably wants to crawl under a rock and die.

I can’t figure out if this is showboating or if Cooper thought he was in the end zone.  Did he think he was in for the score?  Did he now look down once?  Arent, you supposed to be in the end zone before you pull up?  This might be the thing football players do that pisses me off the most. Someone’s free, and they stop and fall into the end zone, stop and walk over the goal line or do something that takes away from the work the other 11 guys on the field did to make that possible.

Cooper is now in select company with a couple of guys to act like assholes at the goal line.


  1.  1993 Superbowl:  Leon Lett/ Don Beebe:  Lett picks up a fumble and takes it to the house.  Almost but he blew his load about 1 yard early.

2. DeSean Jackson:  2008 Donovan McNabb was sober, and DeSean Jackson was a rocket of a rookie.  He got pre-cum all over the ball at the 1.  Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

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