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Video: Raptors Crush Cavs By 1,000,000 and Lebron Had An EPIC Meltdown. Drake Blows.

Video: Raptors Crush Cavs By 1,000,000 and Lebron Had An EPIC Meltdown. Drake Blows.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, LeBron James Is probably the biggest pussy in professional sports.

During to Raps face fucking of the Cavs, LeBron James displayed yet again his inability to have any character or leadership qualities whatsoever.

James went ex-wife crazy on his team and coach in a huddle for not doing their jobs and as witnessed in exhibit A below, LeBron gets to stand outside the key with his hands on his hips while everyone else puts in work.

Lets Recap the self-proclaimed King James last 72 hours

-left the court early in the Toronto’s 133 – 99 win over the Cavs who were fisted by 28 in Minnesota two days before and cussed out fans on the way to the dressing room.

-Partied his ass off with Drizzy at his new douche hole “Pick6”.

-Ignored Isaiah Thomas all night

-Pissed and moaned almost every call.

-looked more uninterested than ever

-was gracious in Post Game…but that’s about it.

If the Raps had a playoff history at 29-11 and that thumping you might pick them for the finals, but they don’t.

What they do have is an extremely athletic young team with a second unit Dwayne Casey can trust to do more than eat minutes.

Fred VanVleet had a career-high 22 and was +28

Pascal Siakam had 16 and 8rbs

And Jacob Poeltl was eye-poppingly good with 12 and 12 and played rabid D.

Demar, Serge, Kyle carry the mail, but Toronto has something it has never had before.  A bench that contributes more than time.

Having said that the highlight for me had little to do with a big Raptors win.   More to do with this..

Hard to say what I love more.  Raptors winning or the Cavs losing.   Pretty sure the latter.

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