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Video: Self Driving Car Commercial Heralds “Women Won’t Drive” As Added Benefit. Errr….

Source – Chinese search giant Baidu has a self-driving car project in development that aims to put its autonomous driving platform into vehicles as early as next year. The company’s latest attempt at a viral promotion is far from anything you’d expect to see from one of the world’s most advanced autonomous projects, however — or really any major brand in 2017. 

Baidu’s US Twitter account posted a short video today about how self-driving cars will make the world a better place. But the spot quickly devolves into a tone deaf play on gender stereotypes, a cringeworthy mashup of 21st century tech and 1950s sensibilities.


Meh.   I think we should let the culture in China be the culture in China.  I also like the idea for drinking tea from fine china In China with an attractive Chinese girl.  That’s what I get out of this.

I think if you really look hard you can take sexism out of this but fuck, it’s a stretch.  That how I am teaching my eldest to drive a car and I don’t look down on teenagers.

Who gets their drivers license at 30 anyway?

These Commercials are sexist:  And Hilarious.

This one’s for the girls “Fair and Weak.”

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