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Video: This Chick Is A Waterslide Super Hero.

Video: This Chick Is A Waterslide Super Hero.

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This woman has my deepest and utmost respect.  This wasn’t an accident.  She knew she was going to feel the searing pain of a bellyflop from 30 feet.

I have a two-foot board at my house, and I’ve done the drunken bellyflop with a shirt on and the pain took my breath away because I’m a giant pussy.  I go out of my way to never experience pain or discomfort of any kind to the point where I won’t jump on a trampoline or play basketball with idiots because of the likelihood of feeling very bad in some capacity goes WAY up as opposed to sitting in my chair right now.  I’m currently at 0% risk of tearing my ACL or breaking my ankle in 13 places with my computer on my lap and a cold filtered water in my hand.

I’m a kleenex box slipper away from being a bubble boy.

I’d kill to be as brave as this woman inviting excruciating pain for fun and giving zero fucks.   That’s why I love her so much.  The bikini doesn’t kill the momentum either.

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