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Video: Twitter DRAGS #USMT Fails To Make World Cup For First Time In 30 Years. Jay Cutler Sucks.

The ego and bravado of all things USA was but in a body bag last night by lowly Trinidad And Tobago in a game the US had to tie to advance to the World Cup In Russia and It was BEAUTIFUL.


My TL was lit AF last night with angry American soccer fans in pure disbelief the #USMT lost to an island home to 1.3 million could lose to the powerhouse Americans.

How bad is it?  Let Taylor Twellman explain the hit #USMT took last night.  It’s beautiful.


Twitter has been en Fuego with vitriol after last nights debacle.

Shitty Soccer team, shitty president, and shitty country.   You wear it well ‘Murica.

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