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Video: Vlad Jr Hit His First AAA Bomb. Here It Is In Bonerific Slo Mo.

Video: Vlad Jr Hit His First AAA Bomb. Here It Is In Bonerific Slo Mo.

Thanks to @jon_tha_Vee for the video:

NBD.  He only went 3 for 4 last night and he’s hitting .455.  Vlad’s ascent has been otherworldly at every level.

This year alone at every level Guererro Jr is hitting .405 with an OPS of 1.130 and the 19-year-old shows ZERO signs of not living up to his #1 prospect status.

Oh, Jr can play some slick D too.

With a month or so left in the 2018 season, I have a feeling The Blue Jays will gift us a Vlad Jr appearance this year as a way to apologize for shitting the baseball bed over the past two years.  It would be a welcome sight for all of us who channel surf right through Jays games because it’s too sad to watch with the memories of 2015-16 still fresh in our minds.

Until then join me in making the trek down to Buffalo so you can tell people you saw the 2020 MLB MVP mash the shit out of the game before he started pissing on his hands like his dad did.

He has nothing left to accomplish other than putting asses in the seats in Toronto and whether the team blows around him or not doesn’t matter.  We just need something to watch that doesn’t make us all want to leave games in the 3rd inning to beat the traffic.



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