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Video: We Have A Couple New #MeToo Candidates And They Don’t Know It Yet

Video: We Have A Couple New #MeToo Candidates And They Don’t Know It Yet


Somewhere In Asia – Watching all this Ken Kavanaugh did he or didn’t he shit made me want to post this.

Sexual assault is no joking matter even when it’s an 80-year-old grinding on an unsuspecting woman at the market.  Period Stop.

It doesn’t matter if it happened 40 years ago or if no one reports it, it’s assault.

I was talking with my friend about this the other day when a report surfaced that KenKav shoved his meat in a female classmates face at a party (commonly known as the helicopter).  She told me a story of a guy that tried to feel her up at a party when she was 16, and she laughed it off and was friends with him after that.   That was her choice, and she chalked it up to them both being drunk saying “back then (30 years ago) that’s how guys copped a feel, and we didn’t classify it as assault.  Today we are smarter than that, but I’ll never go back to destroy someone’s life over something I didn’t think twice about back then.” Again, her choice much like it would be her choice to out the guy if she had an issue with it for 30 years. The date of our behavior doesn’t dictate what it was or wasn’t back then.  Sexual assault is sexual assault.

At party’s, in University a teammate of mine had a party trick when he would rest his dick on the shoulders of men and women as a joke. If you were at a party with Andre, the running theme was “Don’t get dicked by Andre!”  Now I estimate to have been sexually assaulted by Andre at least ten times that I can remember.  And yes, it was just his dick on my shoulder.  And yes I laughed every time.  Still, do.

The most important two words when it comes to differentiating between sexual assault are ‘unwanted’ and ‘consensual.’  Yes, the bar has moved and rightfully so, but it’s hard for anyone over the age of 40 to wrap their heads around when the bar is so I’ll make it easy to understand.

Use appropriate common sense.

Don’t rub up against anyone.

Don’t touch anyone unless they’ve asked you too.

No Consent?  No Bueno.

Much like the revelation smoking is terrible for you, touching anyone without their permission is assault.

They teach it in daycare so this should baseline the conversation for you.

If you were inappropriate 30 years ago and no one said anything then, YES dipshit, you can and should still be accountable for it.

It’s a fucking outstanding motivator to stop molesting people going forward.


Glad we had this talk.


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1 Comment

  1. poptoon

    September 25, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    Ok Deanjs

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