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Video: Whats Wrong With Drake’s Teeth And Lip?

Video: Whats Wrong With Drake’s Teeth And Lip?

The best selling solo artist ever (hurts to say it) freestyled on BBC Radio, and everyone’s freaking out.

I do like “Nice For What” and I’ll turn that KEKE song up when it comes on.  Yes, he’s insanely talented.  I’m brave enough to separate my profound disgust with a person from their profession.  Sorta like how much I rooted for ‘Dexter’ even though he was a serial killer but in reverse.

But what’s up with his teeth and his lip?

The ‘check-my-teeth-for-chunks-of-salad’ guy is sooo gonna get fired.

And is that a cold sore on the mid-left portion of his lower lip?




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