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Video: White House Tweets Doctored Jim Acosta Assault Video, Stole The Idea From INFO WARS.

Video: White House Tweets Doctored Jim Acosta Assault Video, Stole The Idea From INFO WARS.

Yesterday CNN correspondent Jim Acosta was banned from the white house after this exchange, and Sarah Sanders posted a clearly doctored video of the incident.

The White House said Acosta was suspended for ‘assaulting an intern’ and when you watch the video Sanders posted any meathead can see that it’s doctored.

Conspiracy theorists ought to shampoo my crotch.  They are the most sexually and morally unsatisfied group in the world, and if you’re one of them, no one likes you.  Perpetuating lies to justify your narrative is the lowest form of life.

It’s En Vogue to be a fire starting idiot by piggybacking the hot topic of the day or the moral issue that might illicit a viral tweet or a couple of followers without any fact-checking.

Yesterday I wondered if Sarah’s lazy eye had something to do with it.  Do I feel bad about pointing out her lazy eye?  No.  She deserved to be run down and called out.  I wasn’t shaming her.  I was joking about a truly fucking awful, lying disruptive human devoid of empathy or a shred of human decency.  Sanders posted a doctored video of a man assaulting a woman insinuating he was abusive grandstanding on the #metoo movement. It’s cowardly horseshit that deserves the harshest of treatments and if she can attack people personally, we can too.

The problem is it brings dipshits like this skin wad out of the shadows.

Anonymous cowards are the darkness. They are also really stupid.  ONTARIO Q, the CRTC doesn’t adjudicate people wondering about some assholes lazy eye on twitter, but it’s difficult to know stuff like that when you’re covered in cat fur and pizza bun crumbs.

I’m going to spend the next week cutting off peoples social media legs for dangerous virtue signaling.  If you happen upon one of these online cancers, send it to me @itsdeanblundell.  We’ll publically shame them together.

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