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Video: William Nylander’s Press Conference Ruined By Reporters Questions

Video: William Nylander’s Press Conference Ruined By Reporters Questions

Now THAT is one good looking son-of-a-bitch.

Nylander was re-introduced to the media today, and as per usual, reporters fucked it up.

“How was your physical?”

“It was good.  Actually, I enjoyed it.  REALLY enjoyed it.  There’s nothing like invasive blood work and having a bunch of guys grab your nuts and finger your bung piece.”

“Why was your dad a prick?”

“He didn’t have any input until I asked him to print the contract.”

These scrums are what knobs like Steve Simmons and Bruce Arthur live for.  It’s more important to have people know it’s them asking a question then it is to ask a goddamned standard question.  No one asked what the sticking point was.  No one asked if you got it done in 30 minutes, why not pick a half or 2 months ago?

The woman from cp24 is on it though.  She asked what changed in the final hour which was sweet relief.  He didn’t answer the question, but he didn’t answer any questions, and I don’t care if he answers questions.  I want him to fill that net like he’s going to the electric chair for the next seven years.

PS: Kyle Dubas fucks.



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