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Video: Woman With Giant Balls Picks Up Shark, Chucks It Back Into The Ocean

Source  – An Australian woman has been filmed rescuing a shark by calmly picking it up from a rock pool and throwing it into the sea.

Melissa Hatheier, 50, released the stranded animal after her mother noticed a fin in the Sydney pool where she was swimming.

Ms Hatheier said the animal, believed to be a Port Jackson shark, appeared to be in distress.

Footage of the rescue has been viewed widely online.

“It was kind of like a toddler, and [there was] not a problem throwing him over,” Ms Hatheier told the BBC.

“I just sort of dived on him, put my knee on his fin and grabbed him around the neck and thought, sweet, he won’t be able to get me.”


Port Jackson Sharks aren’t dangerous to humans, but Heather didn’t know that.  She calmly picked it up without knowing it wouldn’t eat her and threw it into the Ocean.

I would have been out of the pool begging for alcohol, crying about almost dying.  She’s picking up sharks throwing the devils horns after.

This is why we need to replace “Man Up” with “Woman Up.”

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