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Video: Worst. Getaway. Ever.


Video: Worst. Getaway. Ever.

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office has found a Louisville police officer justified in firing at a suspect driving a truck investigators said rammed into a patrol car.

The suspect, identified as 25-year-old Nicholas Moses, was shot in the upper arm. His father, 57-year-old John Moses, was in the passenger seat of the vehicle but not injured, according to the district attorney’s decision letter.

The suspect’s pitbull was killed in the June 7 incident, which was the first officer-involved shooting in the history of the Louisville Police Department.

Police first responded to the location of the shooting the 500 block of East South Boulder Road after receiving a report of potential drug activity in the area. Nicholas Moses told police that he had shot up heroin earlier in the day, and later admitted that he was behind a bar to try and get more, according to the decision letter.

Investigators later found multiple used syringes, heroin and fentanyl in the back of his truck, the letter said.

He was screwed the moment the cops pulled their gun but now he’s fucked and in critical condition after getting shot in the arm, side, and leg.  If there was an award for the worst getaway that sounded like the best getaway these two meatheads would be the runaway winners. my favorite part of the video?  Redlining his truck laying down in the front seat trying to get the truck into gear thinking he’s fucking John Dillinger.  Awesome.








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