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World Cup: Is This Good Coaching Or Internalized Racism By Team South Korea?

World Cup: Is This Good Coaching Or Internalized Racism By Team South Korea?

Source: The annals of elite sport are filled with stories of teams spying on their opponents to gather every bit of intelligence they can about their tactics, so there’s no reason why the FIFA World Cup would be any different.

So when the coach of the South Korean team learned that a Swedish scout was spying on his team’s pre-tournament training camp, he came up with a wily ruse to befuddle the sneaky Scandinavian soccer snooper.

Turns out Tae-Yong’s measure wasn’t driven by paranoia. The Swedes admitted to sending a scout to set up shop in a house in the mountains near South Korea’s training base in Austria, from where he spied on their training sessions using a high-end telescope and video camera.
The scout had previously tried — and failed — to convince the South Koreans to let him witness a training session by convincing them that he was a tourist
South Korea’s national soccer team players run during a training session at the Spartak Stadium in Lomonosov near St. Petersburg, Russia, June 13, 2018.

AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

Sweden coach Janne Andersson apologized for the reconnaissance on Sunday, saying his staff didn’t mean to disrespect their opponents, but were simply trying to do their due diligence.

No offence taken, said his South Korean counterpart.

“All coaches probably feel their opponents are always spying on them,” Tae-Yong said. “I think it’s perfectly natural that we all try to get as much information on each other as we can.”

Sweden and South Korea face off in a Group F fixture on Monday.

As Global News reported, the South Korean team decided they were going to switch jerseys amongst their team during practice as a tactic to throw off the Swedes, who they knew were watching in on their preparations.

Appears from a distance to be the result of some good coaching. Ensuring your team has an advantage going into the game, or at least, more specifically, minimal disadvantage. Instead of just walking up to the spy for a moment of confrontation sending them on their way, the Coach pulls a fast one in an applauded move across the coverage.

Dig a little bit deeper and jump inside the circle and outside of the box.

Could this tactic by the South Korean coach be deemed Self-Racism? Internalized Racism for some.

Sounds like racism is acceptable in this case? The tactic was approved by all the Korean players. Ok, so this is the only time then.

Self-racism for advantage. Some would just call it coaching. So to be clear, good coaching or racism to oneself? He’s throwing Sweden off by using their very own acceptance of similarities, as they feel the Westerners won’t be able to tell them apart based on looks. Let’s call it a personal discriminatory to provide more potential for success. To me, it’s unbelievable coaching, it’s a positive move for a group of people, of course to me that sounds about as far away from racism as you can get if put that way.

Racism is an unwarranted decision to view someone based on a characteristic, which results in a division of people for no deserving reason. It’s dumb, it’s negative, and it’s not necessarily apart of this story. However, if you squeak open the box and prance away, the question can be easily teased.

The South Korean coach had all the reasons he needed to shine light on this.

Sweden can’t tell the team apart, spy gate diverted.

Nobodies fault. Nobody offended.

Play on.





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