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The Worst Food And Beverage Experience In MLB? YOUR Toronto Blue Jays!

The Worst Food And Beverage Experience In MLB? YOUR Toronto Blue Jays!

Getting Data by Listening to Fans

Source – Each year, baseball fans leave tens of thousands of reviews of their stadiums on Google, Facebook, and other review sites.

If you can find a way to take all that text and convert it into data, you’ll have thousands and thousands of data points — and a new source of insights into how fans talk about and experience going to a baseball game.

Here’s how we did it.

We used ReviewTrackers’ natural language understanding algorithm to analyze the sentiment in more than 130,000 reviews for stadiums. Out of the 130,000 reviews we looked at, the algorithm identified 100,000 moments when fans said something negative about their stadium and 450,000 moments when fans said something positive.

Each of these moments is tied to a keyword (“hot dogs”, “seats,” etc.), which allows us to score each stadium for topics that fans talk about.

We took the most common keywords, grouped them into four main topics — food and drink, facility, family friendliness, and fan experience — and averaged the sentiment scores for these topics.

The Toronto Blue Jays may not be in the postseason, but that doesn’t mean they are not making news around the league. publish their collection of fan reviews at every MLB park over the 2017 season, and The Jays were last or in the bottom third in every major category.  Mind blowing when you consider they were sold out for the majority of the season.

Some chalk it up to Canadians having the attitude of losers, so any hope keeps you coming back.  Combined with the last two years and our affinity to get shit faced, I doubt most people even noticed how brutal the fan experience is at the ROGERS Center.

If you love the Rogers center as much as I do, I liken it to an old show you dont want to throw away.  You know it’s comfortable even though there are better ones out there.  Not visiting PNC park or Kauffman Stadium means you have no Idea how SHitty the Rogers center is.  It’s below average in every major category, and the food and beverage experience is the clincher.

Hot Dogs

The hot dogs at the Rogers Center are “ok.”  The people throwing them at you aren’t much better.  You can’t blame The Blue Jays because its hard to find minimum wage help to pay 50 bucks to park and have any interest in serving you a delicious tube stake.  For that, Jays are bottom third.


The real problem?  The Beer.  Canada’s position as world leaders in Beer isn’t evident at the Rogers Center, however, charging you through the asshole for it is.  Because of that, Rogers center is dead last.  Crying shame.  Much like the $25 for 16 ounces of beer.  How about some Craft beer fellas?  Muskoka Ale?  Big Wheel?  Stop holding us hostage.  HOSTAGE!

Family Friendly?  No Uh Uh.

Maybe it’s babies getting hit with beer cans or the guy behind me in August that smoked a bong and ralphed all over his friends; the Rogers center isn’t for families from time to time.  Should you bring a 3-month-old to a game, fully expect to be called irresponsible and know you are a terrible parent.   My friends’ son caught a ball this year.  He’s 7.  after he held it up a 50-year-old man took it from him and told my friend and his family to “Fucking Deal With it.”  To be fair life taught the kid a lesson and as sad as he was he dealt with it by crying and his dad told him to “suck it up, it’s only a ball” plus “that guy is huge, and daddy likes his face the way it is.”  Self-preservation is a terrific lesson at any age.  Maybe it is family friendly…

I hope the Jays are competitive next year and we get meaningful September Baseball.  More so, I hope Mark Shapiro fixes my beloved “SKYDOME” and offers us a better experience and makes the shitters feel less institutional.









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