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WTF Is Going On With Sammy Sosa’s Face?

Pretty sure I know why we dont see Sammy Sosa in public or making television appearances now.  You can’t judge or fault anyone for deciding they want to look a certain way and if you do, it’s shaming.  I’m not shaming Sammy Sosa at all; I just want to know what the fuck is going on with his face. The evolution below:

  1. Black

2. Black(ish)

3. Light Brown


4.  Sickly whiteish.


5.  “WTF Pinky Gray.”

Some people think it has something to do with white supremacy, but he’s clearly not white, so that’s a load.

I hope he’s alright and if he’s doing this on purpose, own it.  Come out and tell people you love it and you always felt “Lighter” or some shit.   I dunno.  It just seems like when you change your look this drastically you should say something or stop hiding or both.


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