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You’ll Never Guess What The Author Of “How To Kill Your Husband” Was Just Charged With…

You’ll Never Guess What The Author Of “How To Kill Your Husband” Was Just Charged With…

Apparently, it’s a shitty book.

Source  – A romance novelist in Oregon is accused of murdering her husband in a plot that could have been ripped from one of her drama-filled books, police said.

Nancy Crampton-Brophy — who writes about “finding love and the difficulty of making it stay” — was arrested Wednesday for allegedly gunning down her spouse, Daniel Brophy, at the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, the Oregonian reported.

Her 63-year-old husband was a beloved teacher at the culinary school, where he was found fatally wounded June 2 in the kitchen, according to the newspaper.

Crampton-Brophy, 68, faces charges of murder and unlawful use of a firearm in her chef husband’s death.

she In quote from her website, Nancy grosses us out by describing herself in the bathtub waiting for her dead husband to bring her food.  Surprise, surprise.

“I fight an insidious ten pounds every year of my life. I can’t tell you when I fell in love with my husband, but I relate the moment I decided to marry him. I was in the bath. It was a big tub. I expected him to join me and when he was delayed, I called out, “Are you coming?”

His answer convinced me he was Mr. Right. “Yes, but I’m making hors d’oeuvres.” Can you imagine spending the rest of your life without a man like that?”

I’m not sure how much better Nancy thought she could do with a mug like that but ‘A’ for effort.

Nancy likes to write about the sex too.  Most of her books are about young men banging older women and leaving an older man for a younger man who fulfills her dream of cradling balls that aren’t around her husband’s knees.  Seriously.

If you plan on writing a book about shooting your husband, don’t actually do it.  Dead giveaway.

I’ve thought about my Ex not existing but that’s as far as it goes.  No matter how many times she drops kids off late on purpose, or starts a pointless legal action, it’s never crossed my mind to write about wanting to kill her.  Coincidentally, I haven’t considered doing it so I’m good.

When old people murder someone they forget about the CCTV overly monitored time we live in too which is usually their downfall.

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